IMG_5174After fifteen years of planning, running and filming international adventures and events, we have developed a diverse global network of manufacturers, distributors, media and retailers and a comprehensive expertise in import and export matters relating to our industry and more broadly tourism and education. This has placed us in a strong position to promote our Australian productions, promote Australian tourism, promote Australian brands and products and facilitate the distribution of Australian branded products globally. In a nut shell we are proactively taking Australia to the rest of the world.


Our brands, productions, websites and social media platforms are being enjoyed more and more by a rapidly growing international audience. This is putting iconic Australian destinations in front of audiences who have a passion for travel. It promotes Australia as a clean, safe, healthy, beautiful and inspiring place to visit. It is in essence directly promoting Australia as an attractive international travel destination with far more to offer.


We primarily produce Australian content to distribute nationally and internationally but in key markets we produce local international content for numerous reasons. It creates bonds and fosters relationships with critical local industry players. It provides Australian brands with an opportunity to showcase their products on international terrains. And it develops a trust and familiarity with local consumers further promoting Australian brands.


IMG_5178Where ever we go we take our clients sponsors with us. As ambassadors for their brands we represent them on numerous fronts but specifically in international markets we offer far reaching services and opportunities. Initially our international social media and broadcast reach provides exposure for their brands, products and services. But we extend this through, yet not limited to, network introductions, direct marketing, distribution and retail opportunities, manufacturing partnerships, translation services, business mediation and local industry advice. This give our clients trusted access to large sales opportunities, established networks and local insights from individuals they can trust. Lucrative opportunities presented through the type of international marketing we have developed an expertise for are typified by population differences as a guide to consumers number. Comparing Australia’s 25 million to China’s 1.4 billion clearly identifies the plausible and considerable reach. Furthermore, our activities, involvement and support for relevant overseas companies and industries creates a trusted link both ways, nurtures the market towards Australian brands and creates a preempted impression of quality, reliability and performance.


We develop key opportunities for Australian brands to introduce, market, distribute and retail their products. We manage these relationships ongoing, providing cultural advice, insights to local business practices, translation services, mediation and pricing advice. Furthermore we provide ongoing relationship maintenance and marketing to ensure continuing sales. This facilitates the manufacturer (Australian company) and the local distributor (International company) by providing support and marketing material applicable to the local market as well as utilising our own local platforms and network platforms for maximum exposure to our core demographics.



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