Our TV shows and social media platforms link communities, industries, consumers, retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. Whatever your needs we can link you with the right networks, groups and communities to increase your sales and exposure. Whether it’s imports or exports or manufacturing, we can connect you with industry leaders across multiple fields and assist you in growing your capital, distribution and sales.


Savvy and modern consumers are hungry for continuous, up to date and engaging video content. Your social media, website, showroom and displays need quality digital content and we can assist in generating educational, engaging and inspiring videos. With an unmatched library of off road, adventure and 4wd footage ASP has the skills and content to tell your story, promote your product and expose your business better than anyone else.


Our social media track record speaks for itself. We are the fastest growing 4×4 and outdoor adventure Facebook site within Australia. We are the biggest, most prolific and most engaging. And we are 100% organically grown. Let us share our expertise for social media marketing with you, leverage of our massive and targeted audience and increase sales, awareness and exposure with relevant and active posts and trending.

Adventure Set Productions is your one stop partner for increased sales.


ASP partners with its clients. We understand our industry and we understand your needs. We intuitively know which platforms relate to our clients’ needs and how their marketing dollar will be best spent.

But where we really shine is bringing our partners together. Whether it’s distribution, marketing, shipping or other reasons, we are experts at creating links and opportunities as well as fostering cross company relationships to benefit all.

Coordinated and Creative Marketing

A dedicated team of hand picked professionals with a panache for camera and editing work, a knack for setting and achieving production goals and an eye and an ear for engaging story telling make up the ASP Crew.
They are committed individuals who bring a flair of creativity and a relaxed atmosphere to every shoot they encounter.
Up to the challenge, capable and resourceful, the ASP Crew are heralded as one of Australia’s best and easiest to work with outdoor adventure videography teams.